26 July 2009

The Ugly Truth

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl star in this ultra-formulaic romantic comedy about a seemingly mismatched pair that realize they are perfect for each other after an hour and half on screen.

URBAN: The funniest part of this film was the preview for the upcoming film Old Dogs.

The basic story of the film is that Gerard Butler plays a misogynistic exterior with a secret heart of gold who tells the ugly truth about what both sexes really want. Katherine Heigl plays a blond version of Charlotte from Sex And The City. They both work for a morning television show that attempts to deviate from a Good Morning America with a more edgy format.

Of course, the two don't hit if off so well, but after Butler helps her to get a date with the man of her dreams, Heigl becomes much more open to life's possibilities and possibility that her idealistic view of the world may be incorrect. Butler effects a similar change on the staff of the show, revitalizing a marriage with his open and frank discussion of sex and gender roles.

Of course, before long Heigl and Butler have fallen for each other. The only obstacle to their relationship is the blossoming one that he helped create for his coworker. This crisis is narrowly averted as Heigl realizes that she has become a different person, per Butler's advice, in order to win the heart of the dashing gentleman. It is hard for the viewer to realize this though. Other than the hair extensions, the change really doesn't come through.

The film has a fundamental fallacy that I just couldn't overlook. The ugly truth that Butler constantly refers to in the film is that relationships just aren't worth it. Love is an unrealistic goal that should be replaced by lust. In the end though, this bit of advice is ignored and replaced by the true love he feels for Heigl. I never really believed him anyway.

As you can probably see, the film isn't believable. The most fake scene of all is an attempt to evoke the famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. Clearly, the director attempts to mute the performance. It was surprising to me that this was the scene in a rated-R comedy that the director chose to pull punches. I guess that the ugly truth in this case was just too much to handle.

URBAN: Not Recommended

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