26 March 2010

My Oscars

Best Picture: Up In The Air

It's been called snarky and is apologetic about the way it is feasting on the zeitgeist. At the same time, maybe even because of these reasons, it causes people to feel. This emotion, which comes from plain profile shots, wide shots of people walking through airport corridors, and secret looks into private lives and affairs (of the heart?). It's much simpler than Avatar and The Hurt Locker, but in doing so, it lacks the flaws that the scope that those films entail.

Best Director: Todd Phillips-The Hangover

This man took simple fare, and turned it into THE COMEDY of the summer, and probably the year. Multiple catchphrases, numerous laugh out loud moments, and even the smallest details, like the song played while waiting for the tiger to fall asleep.

Best Actor: Christopher Waltz-Inglorious Basterds

Simply and darkly amazing.

Best Actress: Kristen Stewart-Adventureland

She's one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen, and she acts disaffected effortlessly.
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