31 July 2009

Flashback Friday-Michael Clayton

From now on there will be a new feature called Flashback Friday. It will include a review, or a short piece on a film from the recent past that didn't get reviewed on this site or possibly even another look at a film that was reviewed here and how the experience of the film has changed.

Michael Clayton-

This one is going to be short. Michael Clayton wants to be The Insider, Thank You For Smoking, and Changing Lanes at the same time. This ultra morality tale about the immorality of lawyers???? it doesn't make for a very interesting movie. Seriously,,,,, I wanted to like it, but it was very boring. George Clooney was the only bright spot. Am I wrong about this? Usually I like these kind of dramas, but this one seemed too disjointed, too reliant on the father son relationships--between Michael Clayton and his son, and also between Clayton and his own father-figure. It seemed contrived and I actually cringed when I heard Clooney repeat the line, "I am Shiva the God of Death"-----melodramatic.

I don't know, I usually don't just completely pan a film because I don't like it just out of respect for all of the work that was put into it, and in this case,,,, the academy nominations and wins at the Oscars. It just seemed too drawn out.

Also, enough with the putting the end at the beginning. Seriously?

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  1. Thank God someone agrees with me about this film. What a piece of self righteous sh*t!