11 July 2009


Sacha Baron Cohen returns to play the second of his personalities, Bruno- a gay, Austrian, fashionista who leaves for America in an attempt to achieve fame after a career-ending mistake forced him off of his Australian television show.

URBAN: A tour of the United States with another Sacha Baron Cohen creation.

If you liked Borat, then you will like this one as well. The humor is the same. Many of the jokes are of the same nature. The humor is a little less biting, but the big operatic ending to this story is even farther over the top.

At its worst, Borat was simply funny in a completely offensive way. At its best, it played this amazing joke on American consciousness, forcing us to question if we are who we say we are. On a stranger note, viewers had to contend with an unquestionable glee regarding the discomfort of those on the screen. This film goes even further, punking with a glee, and this time the target is not only the anonymous, but is able to get a number of big time celebrities as well.

Cohen's jokes do not only focus on gay jokes,,, although visual humor of the sort is definitely the staple. Questions of fame, parenthood, marriage, and migrant furniture create situations that bring back the biting humor and social satire that typifies Borat/Bruno/Ali G at his best.

For the finale (its not exactly the end of the movie, but it should be), Bruno seems to have mastered his homosexuality. As an effort to communicate this he hosts a UFC fight night, complete with octagon cage, barbed wire, and screaming redneck fans. The result is completely over the top and is the single moment in the film which will polarize viewers. It is able to do sot to, because many people who go to this film will see themselves as the characters on the screen.

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