21 April 2009

Top 5 Films I'm Looking Forward To This Summer -- Lucas

This list does have some overlap with Jay's, but I tried to highlight a few other titles that I'm planning to see. The Honorable Mentions at the end may have made the list if Jay hadn't already brought them to your attention.

5. Funny People

I feel like I'm in Apatow overload. But there's no denying that when the man himself is in the director's chair, with material he wrote, he makes a great movie. Throughout the trailer, I tried to tell myself, "this is too much, it's just another one," but I laughed at the jokes, and I wanted to see more. Good trailer or good movie? We'll see.

4. The Brothers Bloom

This film makes it on my list solely on the strength of writer/director Rian Johnson's previous film, Brick. I've been looking forward to something new out of Johnson ever since I saw it last year. That said, the premise of the movie looks strong on its own: Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as con men, swindling millionaires. There's something wonderfully thrilling about watching con men in movies. The best parts of Matchstick Men were the opening scenes with Nicholas Cage working his magic on clueless citizens. Here's hoping Johnson can live up.

3. Star Trek

People have called me a Trekkie before... I don't think I do the moniker justice, since I've never seen more than a few episodes of The Original Series, and I can't give a disertation on warp drive technolgy. But I do look forward to new Star Trek movies with childlike glee, so I have to put this on the list. I'm worried, however, by the trailers that say "this is not your father's Star Trek." Hopefully this is just a marketing phrase to bring in younger viewers, and not an indication that the core ideals of the Star Trek universe have been gutted in favor of flashy graphics and carefully choreographed fight scenes.

2. Year One

This is another film that got my attention solely because of the writer/director. Harold Ramis has had a huge impact on my life through his comedy. Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day... All are treasured childhood memories. But Ramis isn't the only thing! Jack Black and Michael Cera play the protagonist cavemen. And Judd Apatow produces. That's a lot of funny. Finally, Olivia Wilde as a caveman princess. All the pieces are there, let's hope the final product lives up to its pedigree.

1. Public Enemies

The trailer for Public Enemies that has been showing in theaters opens with a shot of the backs of three men in full suits, walking arm's length apart up a wide flight of stairs into a bank. The instant I saw that shot for the first time, I turned to my fellow movie-goers and said, "That film is going to be cool." Director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) knows how to put together an action movie, and a movie based on the life of John Dillinger is bound to be action-packed. With Mann at the helm, Johnnie Depp and Christian Bale starring, and a subject who still, for better or worse, inspires the imaginations of many Americans, this is bound to be a great ride.

Honorable Mention: Inglorious Basterds, G.I. Joe, Wolverine

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  1. I feel really torn on which list to vote for. Jay nailed Inglorious Bastards and the new Terminator film, just for the sheer overpowering awesome that seeing summer blockbuster's bring. While some of my favorite memories involve seeing movies nearly alone (with a friend or two) being part of a cheering/laughing audience is just amazing. Though it was not my favorite film, having the crowd be really into the Sex in City made the film a lot of fun.

    My herd instinct aside, The Brother’s Bloom should be fantastic. I really, really loved Brick (one of my favorite films), and I always enjoy seeing Adrien Brody in films makes this an easy pick for me.

    All in all, good reviews. It’s fun reading film reviews that are well done again.