14 April 2009

Listless Tuedays -- Top 5 TV Shows That Should Have Ended With Movies -- Urban

When coming up with this list I was looking for television shows that didn’t get to and the way that they should have, along with stories that people would be interested in watching for two more hours.

5. Deadwood
There were talks that this series should be turned into a movie on HBO. Since HBO was its home, it wouldn’t take too much to drum up a movie. The last two years have had a great run of a variety of types of westerns. The characters are already timeless. Deadwood would go fit right in with those in exploring contemporary themes through the classic genre. This would be some great content to be shaped by a big picture director.

4. Band of Brothers
I know that this is technically a miniseries, but the show ended on a bit of a down note despite the Allied victory. There were several winding down episodes and the last two didn’t contain any combat action. Despite the slowdown and what the seeming jubilation at the prospects of victory of the Germans, cracks were beginning to show. The men of Easy Company had been away from home for a long time. Their nerves and confidence were never more at odds with one another. I would love a movie that would follow the stories of all the characters from the show. It would include action, following those who stayed in the military through the war in Korea and on. It would also include pathos; the stories of those who left the military, and how they dealt with/succeeded because of their experiences in the war.

3. Alias
Jennifer Garner has made the transition into a movie star. Why not let her return to the TV role that made her marketable? This show, from ABC was a great vehicle for her, showing off her vast array of kicks and wigs. It is quite unfortunate that her recent mode has more to do with motherhood when her fame is based on sex and karate.

2. Coach
This will show you my tastes, but Coach is a show that lasted a while, but always contained a unifying focus. Craig T. Nelson managed to keep the same staff locked in around him and to get the girl in the end. He won a national championship in college football, but never got that shot at the Super Bowl Ring. Sports movies have been green lighted from a lot less.

1. Arrested Development
The show’s finale did a good job of tying up a lot of loose ends, but you know that the story could never be finished with that group of characters. I could see Michael trying to work for another company and being succesful, but he will always have to carry his big brother, his sister, her husband, and the rest of the Bluth crew. It would also be great to watch George Michael go to college. In a great twist of fate he could become popular as a by-accident dealer of his Uncle Oscar's famous "afternoon delight".

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