01 May 2009

Reader's Respond, Top 5 Films With Luke Walker

Reader’s Respond

He’s a stylish man and one of those that will lead our economy out of the wasteland. A Hillsdale Grad currently residing in Des Moines, Iowa. You can read his thoughts at Faded. He’s Luke Walker and these are his 5 favorite films.

5. The Seventh Seal

-Not only for what it meant to many filmmakers, but this film in college really made me think about what I was reading at the time (No Exit, Camus, etc).

4. Reservoir Dogs

-All the detail, down to the Apple Smokes, the right amount of violence, and a million other things. I love Pulp Fiction, but this is the only QT on my shelf.

3. The Seven Samurai

-The one that started them all.

2. Taxi Driver/Deerhunter (too close to call)

-Not even sure where to start. Just epic. Epic epic epic. Either one of these could be my favorite. I'm leaning towards The Deerhunter as my favorite movie of all time, because it was able, in a way, to tell the story of the war my father went through. Whenever I would ask him about it, he would either be lost in a sea of memory, or would just change the subject. Not to mention, the ending scenes are the most emotionally and visually intense scene I can think of. Playing with your life to try and save a friend. Pretty amazing.

1. V For Vendetta

-I feel like The Matrix is equally important to me, but never has a film so captured me or lifted a story from it's source text so well. After seeing The Watchmen, I could only appreciate V more for not what it was able to accomplish, but what it was able to avoid doing: being cheesy, or showing hours of blue ghost-cock.

My list is based on what I see is important in the overall timeline of film history from my perspective. Yes, there are many major films I have left out. But in modern film, I see the impact of these films in the shots, acting, and content of more recent movies. I don't see men wearing fedoras and pretending to be Bogart. I see dark, gritty films where we question who our heroes are, and what the truth is underneath. The Deerhunter is about very imperfect people. But they are still heroes, at least to me. There would be no V for Vendetta if there was no Spider Man, but V was the first film that made us ask about who our superheroes really are. QT (Quentin Tarantino) may just steal and reuse material, and that is a fair criticism, but at least he is honest about it. Many, many filmmakers just take without any reference or care.

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