06 May 2009

Readers Respond-Five Favorite Films with Carly Urban

Reader’s Respond, 5 Favorite Films with Carly Urban

She works as an accountant at Varney and Associates in Manhattan, she criticizes a lot of the things I do,,, but she’s the wife, and sometimes that gives her the right. She’s my wife, Carly, and these are her 5 Favorite Films.

5) Death Proof

This was the second film of the Grindhouse Double Feature. I loved this film because it actually makes you feel good to watch it, if you are a girl anyway. The film is so satisfying because it is packed with feminist empowerment, the women in the film may appear to be victims but end up taking control. It has everything; there is a bad guy, a chase scene, death, revenge, and in the end will have you on your feet ready to kick the crap out of some scumbag. A must see.

4) The Little Mermaid

I realize this has no real cinematic status; nevertheless it makes my top five. This was a very influential film for me as a child and inspired many pool and bathtub reenactments. I can relate to Ariel’s youthful rebellion against her father and her wonderful discovery of Love. Not to mention she looks great in a sea shell bikini and so do I.

3) Singin’ in the Rain

I know it is a musical, and it may have some ridiculous use of Technicolor toward the end, but I can’t help putting it on this list. The part I love best is Gene Kelly tap dancing with an umbrella crooning “Singing in the rain” while getting buckets of water poured on him. That’s just my favorite part, but to be fair this movie had some very talented actors as well as innovative film style. Just watch the scene of Cosmo Brown (Donald O’Connor) singing “Make them Laugh” and you’ll see what I mean.

2) Old School

Is there anything not to like about this film? It’s an Animal House for generation Y. I love the comedy here because it really isn’t that absurd, in fact it is quite candid. It is a great film about college social life, as well as what happens when you realize you have outgrown it.

1) Annie Hall

I love this film and give it my highest rating because it is fantastically witty yet honest and real about relationships. The interacting neuroticism of Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) and Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) is essential in this film and makes it a great to watch over and over. Alvy’s relationship with Annie is imperfect and I guess that is what I like best. This film is smart yet sad and is a great inspiration for personal introspection.

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